When You’re Late

Abuela: I feel sick.
Me: Oh no! What’s wrong? What do you need?
Abuela: Come closer.
Me: Mami, are you okay?

Abuela: You know why I feel sick?
Me, rubbing her shoulder: Why?
Abuela: Because you haven’t made the coquito yet.
Me: …
Abuela: …
Me: I’m putting you in a home.
Abuela: It’s already the second week of November! We should have had bottles chilling in the fridge already.
Me: A home, I said. You know what they won’t have there? Coquito!
Abuela: Well, I don’t have any here either so what’s the difference?

Someone is sassy today, let me tell you. I guess it’s time to start the coquito after all. 

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