Jess Elise Silfa

I am Nuyorican. I am queer. I am non-binary. I am disabled. I am Dominican. I am loud. I am a social scientist. I am Black.

I am a writer.



This Body of Mine
Poems exploring the forced sterilization of Puerto Rican women in the 1960s as well as other instances of stolen bodily autonomy that affect women of color. Chapbook.


Everything Feels Familiar
A novel about the war on drugs told in the intertwining stories of a group of neighbors in the South Bronx.


National Book Awards

Sigrid Nunez won a National Book Award for Fiction. If I fixed her MacBook once, it’s like I won a tiny piece of the award, right? Congrats to Nunez and also to Elizabeth Acevedo and Isabel Allende! What a gorgeous night for my beloved Latinas.


Me: We’re here for napkins. Mom: And Halloween candy. Me: Napkins. Halloween candy. Abuela: That is a gorgeous sweater! Me: Napkins. Sweater. Halloween candy. Abuela: What does that sign say? Are they on sale?


Jess Silfa is from the South Bronx. They graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and live in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Jess is currently working on their first novel about a tight-knit immigrant community as well as their first chapbook, titled “This Body of Mine” about forced sterilization. They have received a Displaced Artist Fellowship from VSC and serve on AWP’s Accessibility Committee as well as serve as Secretary for the Disabled and D/deaf Writers Caucus.

Follow Jess on Twitter @jesilfa.